February 27, 2014 - By BRAD SCHMITT, - The Tennessean


The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels says she was stunned and called it "absurd" that this past season's winner Rachel Frederickson weighed in at 105 pounds at the finale.


"How did the show fail her?" Michaels said of Frederickson in a phone interview late Tuesday with The Tennessean.


"It's obvious we believe she's too thin. It's absurd on many levels, for her and how this happened, and I'm concerned about why we weren't told."


Michaels, who rarely worked with Frederickson during the taping of the NBC television series this past season, said she has scheduled a meeting with show producers to talk about her concerns.





August 16th, 2013 - By BRAD SCHMITT, - The Nashville Ledger


In his heyday, Jody Faison’s employees called him “King,” and Faison indeed ruled – and, in many ways, created – Nashville’s modern-day restaurant scene.


In the 1980s, Faison began launching innovative eateries, starting with Faison’s in Hillsboro Village. The King also founded 12th & Porter, Iguana, Jody’s and Café 123, among others, each creating a buzz and attracting its own unique clientele.


Faison – who struggled with payroll taxes, substance abuse and divorce from the woman who also became his business and creative partner – eventually dismantled his empire, completely by 2004.


Then, Faison, married to a second wife and father to his “second litter,” went to law school. At 54, he is now beginning his second career in a humble office on Third Avenue North, 25 yards from Printer’s Alley after passing the Tennessee bar exam in April.


The Nashville Ledger talked with him about his journey from Nashville’s restaurant king to new lawyer:





June 7th, 2013 - By BRAD SCHMITT, - The Tennessean


Hard news reporter-turned-food writer Julia Reed is out with her latest, “But Mama Always Put Vodka In Her Sangria!” ($25.99, St. Martin’s Press Hardcover), a collection of stories and recipes with a heavy nod to her Southern roots.



Kennedy shares book, thoughts about father



Oct 18th, 2012 - By BRAD SCHMITT, - The Tennessean  


You know that famous shot of President John F. Kennedy’s little girl, Caroline, hiding under his desk in the Oval Office in 1962?

It’s in there.

In fact, JFK refers to his daughter several times throughout a new collection of transcripts from his secret recordings made in the White House. And Caroline Kennedy has served in several roles since her father’s assassination to move forward his agenda.



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